Sixty-Five Students Choose Military Post High School Graduation

June 4, 2024 - This year, 65 Comal ISD students have chosen to serve in the U.S. military upon graduation either as enlistees or through military academies and college on ROTC scholarships.

Addison Akers, a recent Pieper High School graduate, has chosen to enlist in the United States Marine Corps and is scheduled to begin boot camp on Sept. 16 in San Diego.

“I am joining the military to follow in the footsteps of my father and grandfather,” say Akers who was active in the PHS NJROTC and cheer. “I hope to gain experience and responsibility. My long-term goal is to attend college while on active duty and eventually, commission as an officer.

“I am excited for the experiences I will have as well as making new friends and traveling the world.”

Here is a list of Comal ISD students who have chosen to serve in the military from the class of 2024 by military branch. 


U.S. Air Force

Canyon High School: Isabel Avina, Daniel Bastion and Emily Morgan

Pieper High School: Michael Silva


U.S. Army

Canyon High School: Anastasia Gloria and Jennifer Leon Ramirez

Canyon Lake High School: Carly Blaney, Nataly Garcia Lopez, Daniela Lopez Gatica, Jayden Huth and Lilah Windle

Comal Academy: Abraham Davila and Lauren Bruner

Davenport High School: The following students received ROTC scholarships to continue their education and then serve: Brayden Davis will attend New Mexico Military Institute; Matthew Gamez, Fernando Gonzalez and Fiona Soto will attend Georgia Military College; Justin Johnson will attend Baylor University; Austin Jones will attend the Citadel; Zoe Harrison and Kailani Iannello will attend Texas A&M University and serve in the Corps of Cadets; Xavier Starjak will attend Texas State University; and Anthony Rodriguez is enlisting.

Pieper High School: Joseph Baker and Marcus Aguilar

Smithson Valley High School: Sean Brown, Jorge Gutierrez, Malarye Hannick, Daniel McBride, Joshua Velasquez; Michael Fernandez will attend Texas State University on an Army ROTC scholarship.


U.S. Military Academy at West Point

Canyon High School: Cameron Griffin

Smithson Valley High School: Alexander Engrav and William Mack


US Army National Guard

Canyon Lake High School: Logan Gossiaux, Jeremy Logan and Juvenal Sanchez

Pieper High School: Bradford Hays


U.S. Coast Guard

Canyon High School: Mason Klemme

Pieper High School: Jack Keeling

Smithson Valley High School: Reid Wagner; Ryder Bonser who will attend the Coast Guard Academy


U.S. Marine Corps

Canyon High School: San Manuel Garza, Braxton Morris, Hector Murica and Eric Ybarra

Canyon Lake High School: Kayla Cantwell, Chiann Farley, Michael Noin and Sidney Porter

Comal Academy: A’myri Allen

Hill Country College Preparatory High School: Lizbeth Garcia Gutierrez

Pieper High School: Addison Akers, Brandon Todd and Andrew Virgo

Smithson Valley High School: Benjamin Ortiz; Kaela Stevens will attend Texas A&M University on a Marine ROTC scholarship.


U.S. Navy

Canyon Lake High School: Alexander Grandy and Naravich Po-Ngern

Comal Academy: Ashlyn McFadin

Memorial Early College High School: Hayden Lirette

Pieper High School: Bryson Strong

Smithson Valley High School: Joshua Cortes and Jayson Padro; Evan Correa will attend college on a Navy ROTC scholarship.



Photo Descriptions

-Three students from Pieper High School have chosen to serve in the United States Marine Corps. Pictured front row from left is Brandon Todd, Addison Akers and Andrew Virgo.

-Nine students from Pieper High School have chosen to serve in the United States military after graduation.

-Canyon High School senior Isabel Avina enlisted in the U.S. Air Force.

-Canyon High School senior Jennifer Leon Ramirez enlisted in the U.S. Army.

-Canyon High School senior Braxton Morris enlisted in the U.S. Marine Corps.

-Canyon High School senior Cameron Griffin was appointed to the U.S. Military Academy at West Point.

-Fourteen Smithson Valley High School students chose to serve in the United States military post graduation.

-Hill Country College Preparatory High School graduate Lizbeth Garcia Gutierrez will serve in the United States Marine Corps.

-Ten recent graduates from Davenport High School will serve in the United States military.

-Fourteen recent graduates from Canyon Lake High School will serve in the United States military.


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