Memorial Early College Robotics Team Advances To State FIRST Championship

May 22, 2024 - The Jaegernauts robotics team from Memorial Early College High School advanced to the FIRST Robotics State competition earlier this spring after hours of problem solving, repairing, modifying and ensuring that its robot was ready for each round.

“Our team demonstrates an incredible amount of commitment,” explains Coach Mason Cardiff. “Students not only spend time after school to work on the robot but also sacrifice time out of their Saturday to come together and build, design and test the robot on campus. Additionally, our two district events this year straddled spring break, and after one event, team members worked long hours during spring break to modify and improve our robot to ensure it was competition-ready for the following weekend.”

The FIRST Robotics Competition gives high school students and mentors the opportunity to work and create together to solve a common problem. Teams of students are challenged to design, build and program robots and compete for awards, while they also create a team identity, raise funds, hone teamwork skills and advance an appreciation for STEM.

The 2024 challenge was music-themed, called Crescendo. Teams were tasked to construct a robot to score notes (orange foam rings) into a speaker and an amp. In each round, teams were placed within a random alliance of three teams and competed to score the most points. Each round consisted of a 15-second autonomous section (where the team preprograms a series of commands to score points) and a two-minute and 15-second tele-op section where teams take control of their robots and drive them around the field to score points.

“In addition to commitment, this team exemplifies adaptability, perseverance and humility,” Cardiff says. “The relationships we built, and our willingness to help in any regard contributed to our team being selected for the Playoff rounds in San Antonio with Texas Torque and CRyptonite. We are immensely grateful to these two teams for selecting us as a part of their alliance and helping us reach the 2024 FIRST in Texas Championship.”

The team is grateful for its 2024 sponsors as well, Oakridge Bellows, Texas Workforce Commission and WGA Consulting Engineers.


Jaegernauts Robotics Team

  • Zen Ayala
  • Brody Carriker
  • Isabella Cavazos
  • Aaron Chittenden
  • Adelyn Coble
  • Cash Dodson
  • Kade Dressing
  • Aiden Estes
  • Lawrence Fellbaum
  • Abigail Finn
  • Greyson Firchow
  • Everrett Garrett
  • Michael Golla
  • Joshua Hamilton
  • Steven Hernandez
  • Tulip Juarez
  • Noland Judkins
  • Benjamin Kelemen
  • Clayton Lane
  • Chance Lucas
  • Maya Matthews
  • Owen McNamara
  • Ava Miller
  • Lily Perez
  • Meghan Ruane
  • Jaeden Sizelove
  • Stone Stanford
  • Cali Wiatrek
  • Madilyn Williams




Photo Description

-The state-qualifying robotics team from Memorial Early College High School was recognized during the Comal ISD Board of Trustees meeting on May 16.

-The Memorial Early College High School FIRST Robotics team at the state competition.

-Two pictures of Memorial Early College High School Robotics team members working on their robot.

-Memorial Early College High School Robotics team after winning the district competition.


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