Mountain Valley Middle School Boasts Published Authors, 'Name that Book' Winner

The Mountain Valley Middle School library is brimming with more than books this month, it is brimming with pride too. More than 60 students have become published authors, and the Mountain Valley Book Geeks became the 2019 winner of the Name That Book Lone Star book challenge.

The newly published authors entered writing contests through and the America Library of Poetry, explained Christine Kidd, MVMS librarian.

“We had so many students chosen for publication at Mountain Valley Middle School that we received the Poetic Achievement Award,” said Kidd. “I am so proud of these 32 students for entering their poems and representing MVMS so well. This was a nationwide poetry contest, and our students did this on their own outside of class.”

The following 32 students are published authors through Crystal Marsalis, Joshua Bryan, Elaine Cashat, Mia Paananen, Sopihie Bartkiewicz, Lisa Poe, Erin Stage, Roman Lara, Caroline Feucht, Katie Kasch, Karen Greenhill, Addalyn O’Brien, Sydney Jackson, Elise Johnson, Cearra Farley, Hailey Williams, Ryleigh Borg, Stryker Doane, Sarah Rodriguez, Cayla Davisdon, Jorja Maxfield, Lillian Vickers, Jean Paul Alexander, Chiann Farley, Eleanor Jones, Hannah Wilson, Theresa Peaslee, Marissa Hernandez, Julian Castillo, Kameron Scriber, Kassandra Siegman and Jodie Moffett.

In addition, with the breakdown of sixth and seventh-grade winners, the campus also received two additional free books for the library. 

The excitement on campus doesn’t end there, however. The Mountain Valley Book Geeks team became the 2019 winner of the Travis T. Lamb Memorial Name that Book Lone Star book challenge, a district-wide contest sponsored by the Comal ISD libraries with all seven middle schools participating.

For the Name that Book contest, each middle school is represented by a team of six students which competes with other teams in four rounds of 20 questions each. The team with the most correct responses after the fourth round is the winner.

Participating students read the 20 books from the Texas Library Association’s Lone Star reading list. Normally, these books have between 250 to 500 pages each.

“It is a very fun way to promote reading closely for details,” says Kidd. “Students practice for weeks and enjoy having lunch with foods from the various books.”

The following Mountain Valley Book Geeks scored 75 of 80 for first place: Madison Hunter, Elise Johnson, Eliana Molina, Savannah Slegers, Sophia Balderas and Jada Perkins.  


Photos from top.

-The Mountain Valley Book Geeks from Mountain Valley Middle School won the Comal ISD 2019 Name that Book title. Picture from left are team members Jada Perkins, Sophia Balderas, Elise Johnson, Eliana Molina, Librarian Christine Kidd, John Wiesner, Madison Hunter and Savannah Slegers

-The Mountain Valley Middle School students pictured became published authors with


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